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Lab Manager

Post-Master's Researcher

Risk, Resilience, and Culture Lab

Berkeley School of Education

University of California, Berkeley


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A little about me

I’m a lab manager and post-master's researcher at the Risk, Resilience, and Culture Lab directed by Dr. Chunyan Yang at the University of California, Berkeley.


I earned a Bachelor's of Science with Honours and a Research Master's degree (MScR) in Psychology from Durham University in the United Kingdom. During my time in England, I worked as a placement and special activity teacher for diverse student populations in public primary and secondary schools.


I went on to acquire extensive quantitative and qualitative research skills at various labs with different focuses at Durham University, Seoul National University, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University.

My research interests are centered on the dynamic of school communities. Specifically, I am keen on 1) investigating the risk and resilience factors that influence school communities and their members; 2) delving into a comprehensive understanding of both social and professional support systems for educators; and 3) exploring the effects and outcomes of implementing school-wide practices and policies, such as the adoption and implications of AI in education and the universal Pre-kindergarten policy implementation.

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